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Download Million Dollar Arm(2014) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed [ Dual Audio ]

This is an American drama film directed by Craig Gillespie. Million Dollar Arm(2014) is a true story of two Indian baseball pitchers Rinku and Dinesh. The film is available in Hindi and English language.
The film is trending very well on torrent site.
Million Dollar Arm  was made with a budget of $25 million and has already grossed $36 million on the box offices.
Film has received mostly positive reviews from the critics and audience.

Movie Details

Release Date => 16 May,2014
Type             => Biography, Drama
IMDB Rating => 7.3
Director        => Craig Gillespie
Cast             => Jon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Alan Arkin
Time             =>124 min
Quality          => 720P YiFi BrRip


The film begins with two sports agent who are searching for some talents for the team. Chang is an Asian business, looking to invest in athletes. While watching Britain Talent Show and cricket match, Bernestein gets the idea to invest into Indian cricket business. The contest will bring them a fast bowler and they can allow to participate in Baseball match.

Download : Million Dollar Arm Movie in Hindi

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Download Chef(2014) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed [ Dual Audio ]

Chef is a latest  American comedy film. The film was released on May 9,2014. It has done great business on box office around $45 million. Chef movie was released in many countries and received excellent reviews from audience as well as public.
The film is now available for free download in Hindi language in good quality.

Movie Info 

Release Date   => 30 May, 2014
Genre              =>  Comedy
IMDB Rating   =>  7.4
Director           => Jon Favreau
Cast                =>  Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson
Languages       => English, Hindi
Time                => 114 min
Popularity        => High
Quality             => 720P HD Quality


Carl Casper is prominent chef working in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Ramsey Michel gives wrong information in his blog about the food Carl serving to the people. He always criticize about his technique and taste. One day restaurant owner tells Carl to serve the classic food only, this makes him anger and left the restaurant. Carl gets popular on social media sites like YouTube and twitter, as somebody posts his fight video between him and Michel.
Carl becomes famous and received thousands of tweets from the people. After few days Carl decides to repair his food truck and start the old business. Carl also joins his staff chef and his kid. Percy promotes his business to social media and they received thousands of customer.

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Download Chef Movie in Hindi Dubbed
Full Movie Chef 2014  in Hindi

Download Plastic(2014) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed [ Dual Audio ]

Plastic is an Action, comedy film. The movie starts with some college kids who were involved into a credit card scam. The movie takes a different turn when the group of five steal the briefcase of wrong person.  The film was made with the budget of 3 Million Euro. The film is now available for free download in many sites such YiFi and

Movie Info

Release Date  => 30 April,2014 (UK)
Genre             => Action, Comedy, Crime
Director          => Julian Gilbey
Cast                =>  Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen
Quality            => 720P BrRip
Time                =>  102min
Popularity        => High

Trailer :

The name of the film is Plastic but it has nothing to do with plastic. To download the full movie follow the link given below :

Plastic Movie in Hindi 

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Download Breaking Bad Season 1 in Hindi Dubbed [ All Episodes]

Breaking Bad will be available in Hindi language now. Yes! Breaking Bad is one of the most popular crime and drama based television show will be sooner provided to you in Hindi.
The show has successfully completed its five season from 2008 to 2013. It has got 9.6 rating on IMDB website.
If you are looking for Hindi dubbed episodes of Breaking Bad then you are at right place.

TV Series Info

Release Date  = > 2008 First Season
Genre             =>  Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast               =>  Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn
Time               => 45 min
Quality            => 720P HD
Language        => English

Walter White is suffering from lung cancer.  He has a son and his wife. Walter teaches chemistry in high school. Jessie Pinkman is ex student of Walter. Walter has no more days left and to support his family in terms of finance, he gets into a drug production business with Jesse. He produced large amount of crystal method throughout the series. However is family not aware of this fact. There are lot of crime take place when the deals with different clients.

To know more about the show here's the link to first season :

Breaking Bad Season 1

Download Coherence 2013 Movie Free in Hindi Dubbed [Dual Audio Films]

Coherence is a new science fiction film directed by James Ward Byrkit. The film was released on 6 August 2014 in United States. Right now(17 September 2014)  it is one of the most downloading movie on
The story of the film start with two people Emily and her boyfriend Kevin. Both of them attend a dinner party at Mike's home.

After spending sometime in the party, Kevin find that her ex girlfriend Laurie is also there. However they still continue with the party. The dinner party goes well until they find out the comet slighting.

Do you want to know what happen next? Download the film.

Movie Data

Cast             =>   Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon
Director       =>   James Ward Byrkit
Time            =>   89min
Languages   =>   English, Hindi
Quality        =>    1080 HD BrRip x264 - YiFi

Some movies are not available in Hindi languages. We apologies for that. The content would be updates as soon as we get them. Click here to get the full film.

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Download Coherence 2013 in Hindi
Full Movie Coherence 2013 in Hindi Dubbed 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Download Audition(1999) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed[Dual Audio]

Download Audition(1999) Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed[Dual Audio]

About Movie 

Audition(1999) is a Japanese horror film,released in 2000. It is a 115 minute film. It says that Audition is one of the most popular horror film of all time specially in Japan. The film has got fantastic reviews from the critics and public has also given good rating to it.

If you want to download the film the link is given below.

Download Audition Movie Free in English[Subtitle]

Movie Info

Release Date     => 3 March,2000
Genre                => Horror,Thriller
Cast                  => Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina, Tetsu Sawaki
Language           => Japanese,English
Time                  => 115 Min
Quality              => 720P
Popularity Level=> High


Shigeharu Aoyama is widower who has just lost his wife. His son always urged him to start dating again.
At last Aoyama's friend suggest him a girl with whom he can be friend and take his relation to further level.

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Download Audition Japanese Horror Movie in Hindi Language
Full Movie Audition(1999) in Hindi English with Subtitles

Friday, 11 April 2014

Download Star Wars:A New Hope Episode 4 in Hindi Dubbed [Dual Audio]

Download Star Wars:A New Hope Episode 4 in Hindi Dubbed [Dual Audio]

About Movie 

Star Wars: A New Hope is an American adventure and fantasy based space film. It is the fourth episode of Star Wars series and it's also the first installment of the same. The film was made in $11 million and earned $775 million from the box office. The film received highly positive reviews when it was released. Today it's the favorite film of every individual who likes science fiction or adventure type films. The film has won many great awards including Best Picture Awards,Best Film of All Time,Academy Award and many more. The next film of Star Wars series will be released in 2015.

Download: Star Wars: A New Hope Movie in Hindi Dubbed

Basic Details 

Release Date => 25 May,1977
Genre            => Action,Adventure,Fantasy
Rating            => 8.7
Cast               =>  Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher
Director          => George Lucas
Producer         => Gary Kurtz
Quality            => 720P,3GP
Time                => 121 Min
Subtitles          => English
Language         => Eng-Hindi
Similar Films     => The Empire Strikes Back,Return of the Jedi
Popularity         => Extremely High


The story of A New Hope begins with a Galaxy where a Civil War is about to begin. A new armed force is preparing it's people to take over to the planet. Princess Leia is the leader of Rebel Alliance. Evil lord Darth Vader has captured her ship with the help of his force.

If you want to know what happen next? Watch the film in good video print. Star Wars is really a fantastic film specially for those folks who like movie based on Space,Wars,Robots and other fantasy related stuff.

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Download Star Wars 4 : A New Hope in Hindi Dubbed[Dual Audio]
Full Movie Star Wars Episode 4 1977 in Hindi Free
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